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Natural Links is a web site made by Vision2form Web Design. We made this site to place links to remarkable, well designed and/or usefull sites that live by my (Tonnie Lubbers) standard. Sites with information that are usable and are worthwhile to visit.

Next to that there has been a trend towards a criterium amongst directory sites that seems to be the one and only for taking a link: What does it pay!. The site or its content are in those cases no longer important.

Although Google will deny it, it still is a fact that 'the one that will spend the most money' still can influence the rankings. Thats a shame and one of the reasons why you are sometimes no longer able to find the information wanted within reasonable time.

As with other directories, you can send us a link and a request to place it, but its up to us if we do. Waving with money to do so wont impress us much, and links already placed could disappear all of a sudden if we find them a breach to the standard we wish to live up to.

As we do check the links there still can be listed sites that no longer are live or that changed their content. If you find one we missed, please send us an email ;).